With Margaret Marland, Progressive Conservative MPP for Mississauga South for over 18 years (1985 to 2003). With Paul Szabo, Liberal MP for Mississauga South for over 17 years (1993 to 2011).


“On one issue after another, the Liberals have made life more difficult for families, seniors, students, and businesses. Rudy is a passionate advocate for change, with the experience we need to deliver real results for Mississauga-Lakeshore. He will make an excellent Member of Provincial Parliament.”

- Mohummed Bumbia

“I came to know Rudy through his work on the committees of our local ratepayers association. He is a man of integrity, with a long and proven track record of service to our community. Mississauga-Lakeshore could not ask for a better MPP.”

- Richard Scott

“Since we first met on the night shift in the body shop at Ford’s Oakville Assembly Complex, Rudy has been one of the most reliable, compassionate and hardworking people I know. He can bring a perspective that is desperately needed in our provincial government.”

- John Jameson

“Rudy is experienced, knowledgeable, and willing to put in the long hours that we will need to be successful. I believe that he is the best choice to be our next MPP.”

- Lisa Acri

“I know Rudy and his wife from our local Parents Council. His mother worked in our schools, and there are few issues he cares about more deeply. He understands that we need to rethink how our education system is preparing our children for an ever-changing job market, and I hope he will be part of this process in the next government.”

- Leanne Hickman

“Rudy has a proven track record of delivering results as an auditor at Ford. I believe that he can be a champion for jobs and growth as he promises, especially for our small businesses.”

- Eva Fabinski

“I served with Rudy on the board of our PC riding association, and I believe he is the candidate we need now. He genuinely cares about public policy, and he is a very active listener, always open to new ideas.”

Jake Pedler

“It would be a tremendous asset to have Rudy as our representative. He loves this community, and we can trust him to defend our interests at Queen’s Park.”

- Tanveer Bumbia

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