Doug Ford Will Call in an Outside Audit of Charles Sousa’s Reckless Spending

Published on April 17, 2018

Audit Charles Sousa's Reckless Spending

Doug Ford today shared more details about his plan For the People by announcing that he will call in an outside audit of Kathleen Wynne and Charles Sousa's reckless spending on his first day of office.

We’re going to restore responsibility, accountability, and trust in government,” said Ford. “For me, nothing is more important than straight talk and keeping your word."

“I want you to have the whole truth about what’s going on,” said Ford, “because Kathleen Wynne is not telling you the whole story.”

Since coming into office, the Liberals have been routinely found in violation of ethical standards that culminated in the recent conviction and jailing of former Liberal Chief of Staff David Livingston. Ontario’s Auditor General has routinely cited the Liberals for abusing taxpayer dollars in a reckless and inappropriate manner.

“If Kathleen Wynne tried to pull these kinds of shady tricks in private life, then there would be a few more Liberals joining David Livingston in jail,” said Ford.  “Ontario deserves answers about how big Kathleen Wynne’s mess really is.”

Mississauga-Lakeshore PC candidate Rudy Cuzzetto added that he has worked as an auditor at Ford Motor Company of Canada. "Now I can't wait to get to Queen's Park to help call in an outside audit of Charles Sousa's reckless spending," he said. "Ontarians deserve to know how our tax dollars are being spent."

An Outside Audit would probe the entirety of Kathleen Wynne and Charles Sousa’s fiscal mess and ‘follow the money’ to see how your tax dollars are really being spent. Ford also committed to making the results of the outside audit available to the public in its entirety.

“It’s time to find out who is getting rich off your tax dollars and how big Kathleen Wynne’s deficit really is,” said Ford.

In his remarks Ford also committed to providing more resources to support Ontario’s Auditor General. Kathleen Wynne and Charles Sousa recently changed election laws to prohibit the Auditor General from blocking the Liberals from spending taxpayer money on partisan ads, and they have spent more than $185,000 of taxpayer dollars on partisan campaign events in the last few weeks alone.

“The people of Ontario have been lied to and taken advantage of for far too long,” concluded Ford. “We’re the only ones who will respect the people. We’re the only ones who will always be for the people.”

Backgrounder – Calling in an Outside Audit of Kathleen Wynne and Charles Sousa:

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018


During the 2014 election, Kathleen Wynne and Charles Sousa promised to return to budget balance by the 2017-18 fiscal year.

However, the Liberals had no real interest in returning to balance and instead began breaking the rules to make it appear like they had fulfilled their promise.

Fortunately, Ontario’s Auditor General – Bonnie Lysyk – called out the Liberal government for their shady practices.

Lysyk clearly demonstrated that the Liberals were not being truthful in three main areas:

All in all, the Auditor has clearly shown that the Liberal government and their books cannot be trusted. In fact, the Auditor may even issue an adverse opinion on the government’s finances – a first in Canadian history.

Even after all of this, the Liberals have still pledged to run six straight multi-billion dollar deficits.

Meanwhile, to get even with the Auditor General, the Liberals removed her ability to block partisan advertisements and then increased the advertising budget by 30% to a record $58 million.

Not surprisingly, the Auditor General was able to show that some of these advertisements would not have proceeded under the old rules.

Kathleen Wynne and Charles Sousa don't care if the ads would have been deemed illegal under old rules, and they don't care what the deficit is. They will do anything to try and buy your vote and cling to power.

Doug Ford will be different and govern For the People. He will do that by returning the Auditor General’s power to block partisan government advertisements, and by calling in an outside audit of Kathleen Wynne and Charles Sousa's books.